Rolec Rolec EV manufactures Europe's largest and most diverse range of electric vehicle charging equipment with over 40,000 units manufactured and supplied to date and the largest stock for fast track delivery. As manufacturers increase the production of electrical vehicles, your next car could be hybrid or even fully electric powered. Having these charge points easily located will be very important and what better place to have them than right at the doorstep of your home and workplace. Being one of only 50 nationwide approved installers you can be assured that you are receiving a tried and tested product.

The Government are helping private plug-in vehicle owners by providing a contribution of 75% (capped at £500, inc VAT) to the cost of a charge point and its installation at your home with the Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme. The Government are also helping your work place by providing a voucher contribution of up to £300 per socket installed, for up to a maximum of 20 points across all sights applied for in each application with The Work Charge Scheme.